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82 Maha-ri, Mitan-myeon


Cave, River


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Baengnyong Cave

Baengnyong Cave is situated at the floor of Baegunsan Mountain. It is the first cave in Korea where visitors can engage in caving with the help of a professional guide. Designated as Natural Monument no.260 in 1979, the cave has diverse cave formations such as icicle-shaped stalactites, stalagmites formed on the ground, rock formations looking like fried eggs, and stone pillars formed by stalactites from the ceiling and stalactites from the ceiling and stalagmites from the ground joining together.

+ Operation Hours / Admission Fee 09:00-15:00 (arrive at the cave ten minutes before the start of a guided tour) ₩15,000-10,000, group discounts


Donggang River

The Donggang River originates from Odesan Mountain and flows continuously forming currents as it meanders along. Steep cliffs rise where the river makes a turn, offering some of the most beautiful scenic views in Korea. Caves are nestled in between cliffs. The river is preserved in such a primitive state that it was designated as an ecosystem reserve. The area is a habitat for endangered animal species like merganser and otter. Go on a rafting trip through this blessed nature and you are sure to go home with some great memories of Pyeongchang in the summer.



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