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Dutasan Recreational Forest

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132, Achagol-gil, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do


Recreational Forests/ Arboretums


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Dutasan Recreational Forest is located at the foot of Dutasan Mountain that is part of Bakjisan Mt., which rises 1,394m above the sea level and straddles the border between Jinbu-myeon of Pyeongchang-gun and Jeongseon-gun. The recreational forest is a hub of leisure activity and boasts robust and rich forests filled with a wide variety of animals (badgers, raccoons, bores, hares, etc.), abundant medicinal herbs, and trees such as a huge birch, nut trees and lime trees.
Amenities and accommodations include the Forest Culture Rest Center, House of Forest, and various trekking courses and campsites. Nearby attractions are Odaesan National Park, Yi Hyo-Seok Literary House, Daegwallyeong Ranch, Bongpyeong Herb World, and Woljeongsa Temple. At some of these sites, you can try leisure activities such as rafting (Odeacheon Stream) and skiing (Yongpyeong Ski Resort).




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