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Baengnyong Cave

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63, Munhui-gil, Mitan-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do


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Located in Pyeongchang-gun of Gwangwon-do Province, Baengnyong Cave is a 1.8㎞-long, natural limestone cave. Its entrance, located 10-15㎞ above sea level, is surrounded by rocks and was once accessible only by boat. In 1976, local residents expanded a small lane in the middle of the main corridor to allow easier exploration. Alongside Donggang River, the cave harbors mysteries of the past 500 million years including a piano-shaped stalactite, a huge stone pillar, and a stalagmite looking just like a fried egg. The cave was designated as Natural Monument No. 260 in 1979, and it also opened Baengnyong Cave Eco Experience Center in 2010. Visitors may also venture out to nearby tourist sites for trekking, rafting, and studying nature at Donggang Fresh Water Fish Center.



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